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Four Weeks Prior

  • Access the Canvas LMS and locate the upcoming semester’s course shell on the dashboard. If the course is not present, customize your dashboard and course list. If the course is not present in the Canvas course list, contact your Banner representative in the school/college.
  • Copy course content or request that the previous semester's course content be copied into the current semester’s Canvas course shell. If you have developed the course content in a Canvas sandbox you can copy the sandbox course into the current semester course(s). Contact Tyler Weldon if you need assistance.
  • Update assignment deadlines, dates, notification settings, and materials copied or imported into the course.
  • Schedule an instructional design consultation for a course review either through your department or through the Division of eLearning and Professional Studies. Request eLearning’s services if you wish to work with the eLearning team.

Three Weeks Prior

Two Weeks Prior

Prior to First Day of Semester

Prior to First Official Day of Class

  • Email students a welcome message via the roster in BlazerNet. Include instructions on how and where to access the course in Canvas.
  • Post or update a course Welcome Announcement within the Canvas course shell.



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