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Optimal Video Solution-Kaltura

The recommended solution for storing and sharing videos with students is through Kaltura (My Media & Media Gallery). UAB has unlimited space with Kaltura and videos do not expire. See the following guides for how to use Kaltura:

Find more information about Kaltura on our eLearning Kaltura webpage.

If Kaltura is having issues preventing you from using that solution or you desire to use another system there are alternative methods of storing and sharing videos with students. Please note that there are limitations with each of these methods. See the different options below.


Zoom Meetings

Instructors can use Zoom to produce recordings and share them within the course if the meeting was scheduled using the Zoom tab in Canvas. Instructors can also share the Zoom recording link in Canvas by adding the link as an external URL to a module or pasting the link in a Canvas Announcement, Page, or email. 

For more information about Zoom, please visit the eLearning Zoom webpage.

Note: Zoom recordings are deleted after 30 days. Instructors or students can download the files before the link expires if they want to keep them longer than 30 days.


Instructors can use other software that is available to them to record their screen, audio, and/or webcam.

Some free options available online are:

Some options available for purchase are:

Some free basic options are:

Some free advanced options are:

  • Adobe Premiere (Mac & Windows) All students have access, Faculty/Staff licenses available by request through UAB IT


Canvas Media Upload

Please Note: Canvas courses have a limit on the course storage amount that cannot be changed. Canvas media uploads is not an optimal solution if you plan on having a large amount of videos.

UAB eLearning is happy to meet with instructors to assist them in finding a solution that works for them. Schedule a meeting.

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