UAB offers different solutions for instructors to poll their students. Use the information below to select which solutions work best for your class.

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Zoom Polls


Poll Everywhere

Types of Polls Multiple Choice, Single Choice Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numeric, Target Questions, Multiple Answer Multiple Choice, Word Cloud, Clickable Image, Open Response, Q&A, Ranking, Competition
Supported Presentation Devices Windows, Mac, or Linux Computers Windows & Mac Computers, iPad (iClicker Cloud System Requirements) Any web enabled device iOS and Android Mobile Devices
Instructor Experience
  • Create polls before or during meeting
  • Host or co-hosts launch polls
  • Share results if desired
  • Launch poll while sharing the question or verbally ask the question
  • Share live results if desired
  • Create polls before or during presentation
  • Launch poll on web or embed in presentation
  • Share live results if desired
Supported Response Devices Any device Zoom is supported on
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome computers
  • iOS or Android Mobile App
  • Any web enabled device
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome computers
  • iOS or Android Mobile App
Additional Features Polling reports Asynchronous assignments, GPS attendance, instant study guides, Canvas integration, reports, quizzing, exit polling, iClicker Instructor mobile app Asynchronous response through link, game based competitions, survey tool, Canvas integration, integration with presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides), reports
Student Cost None None None
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