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How Courses Are Developed

Step 1: Initial Meeting

During this kick-off meeting, you and your assigned instructional designers will discuss your course goals and vision, and develop a course design plan. They will also help identify training and media opportunities.

Step 2: Course Planning

In this step, your instructional designers collaborate with you on developing or refining learning outcomes, activities, and assessments. They will also recommend technologies or opportunities for interactive elements as appropriate.

Step 3: Course Development

In this phase, your instructional designers help you build your course. They will help you manage your content development by providing weekly delivery goals and will help build the course within Canvas. Any media or technology identified for the course will also be developed or implemented during this phase.

Step 4: Review

Once the course is complete, it will be reviewed by an additional instructional designer. You will also have an opportunity to carefully check through the course. Any necessary revisions will be made during this time.

Step 5: Delivery

After you are satisfied with the course, it is time to launch. You may receive instructions on how to publish the course in preparation for the beginning of the semester. Your instructional designers are available throughout the course to address any concerns or issues that arise.

Step 6: Evaluation

Once the course has been delivered, your instructional designers will help you evaluate its success based on student evaluations and your experience. They can provide guidance and assistance with revising your course before its next iteration as appropriate.

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