Preparedness is the best defense against unpredictable events, and UAB has strong security and communication plans, well-trained and well-prepared officers, and close relationships with other law enforcement agencies. In times of crisis, the university also must rely on the cooperation of students, faculty and staff to follow safety and security guidelines, especially as they apply to their unique situation. 

Stay informed, be prepared
UAB provides several security services and prevention programs to the campus community, including Campus Watch and the Police Advisory Council. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their safety by learning more about these services and reporting suspicious activity.

UAB-help-box-lens-100x312Don't hesitate to contact UAB Police
UAB's police force includes more than 120 sworn officer positions, all of whom have been through Police Academy training. All also have received National Incident Management Systems training, which is the federal standard for situations requiring incident command.

Anyone who believes activity is suspicious or threatening should call UAB Police immediately: dial 911 from any campus phone or from your mobile phone to 205-934-3535, 205-934-HELP (4357), or 205-934-4434.

More than 400 emergency Help Phones are located throughout campus that connect automatically to the UAB Police Communications Center and are monitored 24 hours a day. Pushing the emergency button provides the dispatcher with the exact location of the caller, and a marked police unit will be dispatched if no response is heard. Locate the Help Phones near you.

Make suggestions
UAB's standing Safety Committee meets quarterly and as needed to consider all aspects of campus safety and security.

Persons wishing to suggest an item for the committee's discussion may contact Greg Parsons, Senior Facilities Officer at 205-934-4427

Many safety and security guidelines can be found at