PLEASE NOTETo protect the health and safety of our communities, UAB has canceled all non-essential gatherings and events at this time. Police Advisory meetings have been canceled until further notice.  Community members are discouraged from holding events, meetings, or activities involving greater than 10 people if the gathering is not essential to ongoing operations.

One of the department's major goals is to "meet the changing needs of our community." We have worked hard at accomplishing this through a myriad of approaches including:

  • Community Policing efforts.
  • Establishment of a Student Housing Precinct.
  • Establishment of a Hospital Precinct.
  • Accurate reporting of crimes and incidents through campus and city-wide news media.
  • State of the art crime prevention programs.
  • Deliberate fostering of close relationships with students, faculty, and staff.
  • Numerous public interest articles in the local campus newspapers.
  • Offering Rape Aggression Defense courses for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Regular attendance at faculty, staff, and student meetings.

In concert with our community policing efforts, the department has decided to establish a UAB Police Advisory Council (PAC). Volunteer representative members of the UAB community have been invited to attend periodic, one hour meetings for community input. The PAC will work from a specific agenda and provided information by members of the department concerning issues relating to crime, safety, and police operations on campus. We feel that our university colleagues, associates, other community members, and the student leadership can contribute to our goal of community involvement and the safety and security of UAB. PAC members can become involved by understanding the issues surrounding campus law enforcement, suggest improvements, or returning to their respective areas well informed of the nature of our business, current issues, and our efforts to meet the needs of the UAB community.

UAB community members serving on the PAC are requested to attend the meetings on a regular basis to ensure continuity of the discussions of concerns and issues.

2020-2022 Officers

Kasey Robinson
Title Ix Coordinator
Hill 303A, zip 1150
Phone: 996-1340

Vice President
Karen Whitenite
Risk Management Analyst
JNWB 504, zip 3110
Phone: 934-5387

Allyn E. Holladay
Program Director I
Environmental Health Sciences
RPHB 520C, zip 0022
(205) 934-7209

For information on the UAB PAC, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (205) 934-2409.  


2020 Police Advisory Meetings

Location: UAB Police & Public Safety Department (UABPD) 208, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • August 18, 2020
  • October 20, 2020