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Ready to improve health care by making scientific discoveries and solving problems? Interested in advancing technology in the evolving fields of biomedical engineering and biotechnology? The Biomedical Engineering programs at UAB provide you with real-world experiences, cutting-edge research opportunities, and access to multidisciplinary faculty mentors and modern research facilities. We offer:

A Focus on Research

Female student looking at computer visualization of a knee replacement.

The BME department has developed a strong record of extramurally funded interdisciplinary research with emphasis in the areas of:

  • biomaterials,
  • biomechanics,
  • biomedical imaging,
  • biomedical implants,
  • cardiac electrophysiology,
  • computational biology,
  • tissue engineering, and
  • regenerative medicine.

Research is multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary, and many student research opportunities are available through our ongoing collaborations with the Medical and Dental schools. The program provides real-world experiences, cutting-edge research opportunities, industry co-ops, and internships. Over 60 UAB scientists and engineers are working collaboratively with BME faculty and students to develop the next generation of biomedical engineering technologies.

An Interdisciplinary Faculty

UAB Faculty from Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Arts & Sciences, and Optometry hold secondary appointments in BME and mentor our graduate students. They teach, give seminars and lectures, and serve as thesis advisors and mentors to our students.

Laboratory Facilities

Our facilities are located in the heart of the UAB campus, just blocks away from the UAB Medical Center and Dental School. Faculty occupy approximately 20,000 square feet of modern, well-equipped laboratory space.


We invite you to explore this website to find out more about our programs, faculty, and research areas. If you have any questions you can:

  • fill out the "Request More Information" form
  • Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., BME Graduate Program Administrator, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.BME Graduate Program Director
  • Download our graduate brochure here
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