Praise Daramola

Praise Daramola is a senior electrical and computer engineering student from Lagos, Nigeria. Despite growing up on the other side of the Atlantic, Praise is the latest of several members of his family to study at UAB.

Student Spotlight: Praise Daramola 

Haas Blacksher

Haas Blacksher is a materials engineering student from Mobile, Alabama. With a strong interest in sustainability, she currently is working on a project that involves depolymerization of different plastics using nanofibers as a catalyst, with the end goal of reducing plastic waste.

Student Spotlight: Haas Blacksher 

Zachary Newman

Zachary Newman is a biomedical engineering student who is currently working as an intern at the Materials Processing and Applications Development (MPAD) research facility. A native of Norcross, Georgia, he currently resides at a UAB resident hall where he serves as an RA.

Student Spotlight: Zachary Newman 

Atharva Vyawahare

Atharva Vyawahare is a biomedical engineering major and a student in the UAB Sci-Tech Honors Program. He has lived in India, Lithuania, and the U.S. and is fluent in three languages. He currently works as an intern in the Southern Company Environmental Affairs Division.

Student Spotlight: Atharva Vyawahare 

Mariam Massoud

Mariam Massoud is a civil engineering major and a student in the UAB Honors College. She was awarded a Fulbright US-UK Summer Institute Scholarship in 2018, and earlier this year she represented the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering as the Student of the Year nominee at the Engineering Council of Birmingham (ECOB) Annual Banquet. She currently works as an intern in the City of Birmingham Department of Transportation.

Student Spotlight: Mariam Massoud