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May 2018 Master of Engineering or MBA

At UAB, the School of Engineering offers a 100% online Master of Engineering with a concentration in Information Engineering Management (IEM). Here are three ways that this degree differs from the MBA.

Coursework Designed Specifically for Engineers

IEM is focused on leadership in technology and engineering companies. Our students are primarily professionals with technology and engineering backgrounds who want to grow into leadership positions. Our curriculum teaches management, leadership, finance, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on technology. There is a balance between the traditional management coursework you would find in a MBA or Engineering Management degree, but it is taught from the perspective of an engineer or technical professional. This can make it easier for our students to see how their particular education and technical background can be used in leadership positions.

Opportunity for Hands-On Experience in Your Industry

At IEM, we take your current job and make it your classroom. A good bit of your assignments will actually focus on your position at your current company, giving you relevant hands-on experience with situations that you’ll see in your career. Many of our students opt to use the IEM Design Project to work on solutions they can implement in their job and some even use the project to launch new businesses of their own.

At IEM, our faculty work in the same industries as our students and have real and deep industry experience. Rather than teaching from academic models, we teach what is really happening in today's rapidly changing technology industry. This focus on specific technology and engineering industries allows us to keep up better with the skills and experience that our students need to have to be successful.

Industry-Specific Coaching and Networking

In IEM, our faculty serve as coaches and are a large part of the IEM experience. They know the challenges and obstacles that you face in your career, and they're dedicated to encouraging you and helping you overcome what might be holding you back. Our coaching system has helped other students through topics such as startups raising capital, developing marketing positions for technology products, and overcoming workplace challenges of dealing with difficult relationships. Recently we even helped a team leader work through the process of letting an employee go for the first time, and then work with his manager and HR to get his team back on track.

Industry experience is an application requirement for IEM. This requirement not only provides you a variety of classmates at different levels in the engineering and technology industries to share experiences to learn from, but it also provides a built-in network for you to access. We are committed to helping you connect with others in IEM, in your company, and the leaders in your community and industry.

Choose What's Best For You

Both IEM and MBA degrees are excellent choices for graduate education. If you are still on the fence about which option may be best for you, we can help talk you through the options. We want to make sure that the degree you choose really is the best fit to help you reach your goals whether you are looking to progress into a management position or even open your own business. Because at IEM, that's what we're all about. Fill out the form on this page to schedule a time to talk or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About IEM

The Master of Engineering with a concentration in Information Engineering Management (IEM) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is a specialized concentration designed primarily for engineers and people in technical positions. The concentration presents business systems and soft skills in a curriculum that is based on actual engineering industry needs and is offered 100% online.