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“Being in the IEM program, I was able to balance and didn't miss a lot of things. My daughter plays basketball and I was still able to practice with her and go to the games.”

Curtis Franklin, Graduated Fall 2019

Engineering coursework includes consumer-driven company design, project management strategies, systems engineering, mainframe management, and advanced innovation, as well as discipline-specific entrepreneurship coursework. Every student participates in a team-driven company design project where they simulate a startup environment to learn how a company runs and what it means to lead at top levels. Through an IEM Final Design project, our students are taught how to connect with CEOs at various Birmingham companies in a meaningful way, and they have the opportunity to gain leadership experience in their field.

The MEng with a concentration in IEM consists of 13 courses (33 credit hours).

Course Catalog

A complete list of program requirements and courses for the MEng with a Concentration in IEM are available in the UAB Graduate Catalog.

Semester Classes are Offered

Courses are designed for working professionals. Take courses at the pace comfortable for you. When taking IEM 601, 602 and 603 (1 credit courses), students typically take 3 classes, two, 3-credit courses + the 1 credit course. After the 1 credit courses are complete, students typically take two, 3 credit courses each semester. Courses have synchronous and asynchronous components, but there are no on-campus requirements.

Courses offered every semester

Introduction to IEM (IEM 601, 1 hr.)
Communication for Technology Professionals (IEM 602, 1 hr.)
Leading Collaborative Teams (IEM 603, 1 hr.)
IEM Design Project (IEM 695, 3 hrs.)

IEM 601, 602, 603 are to be taken in sequential order.
Ideally IEM 695 is taken in your final semester. 

Courses that are only offered during fall semester

Communication for Technology Professionals (IEM 610, 1 hr.)
Project Leadership (IEM 612, 3 hrs.)
Systems Engineering (IEM 630, 3 hrs.)
Operational Decision-Making (IEM 631, 3 hrs.)

Courses that are only offered during spring semester

Leading Technology Organizations (IEM 611, 3 hrs.)
Technical Entrepreneurship (IEM 620, 3 hrs.)
Strategic Planning (IEM 646, 3 hrs.)

Courses that are only offered during summer semester

Technology and Innovation (IEM 625, 3 hrs.)
Financial Concepts for Entrepreneurs (IEM 645, 3 hrs.)