Success Stories

“I’m no longer afraid to look outside and see things differently. I’ve worked on my own personal journey and positioned my finances and life activities to better suit my desires.”

Paul McGuire '12

“IEM presents opportunities to advance my career, expand my employment opportunities, and increase my starting salary and negotiations.”

Mark Brunner

“The IEM courses and the networking with my classmates and others affiliated with IEM provided that much welcome point of view tweak I was needed.”

Greg Knight '10

"I chose the UAB IEM graduate program because of the variety of courses offered help me develop skills to enhance my career and professional growth."

Colandus Murray '18

"I will be able to implement all that I have learned into my career at Alabama Power and also for the rest of my life."

Scotty Lett '18

"One of the reasons I signed up for IEM was to expand my network and the interests of my contacts."

Leah Friar

"I wanted more. I wanted to love my work. IEM helped me take control of my life and start my own company."

Brian Rabon '06

"My boss was so impressed with the total savings that he changed my title from IT Director to CIO, and of course a significant raise came along with the title change as well."

Kris Keen '15

"IEM opened up a lot of doors for me and I am forever grateful."

Jacob DeRoy '16

"I am only in my second semester, and I can already tell the project management and technical leadership courses are going to take my engineering skills to the next level."

Will Winslett ’18

"I don’t think we ever would have started a company if I had not been in IEM."

Bart Blakely '15

"A new, business-driven point of view has made me a better leader and a better servant."

Jerry Robbins ’09

"My salary increase more than paid for the degree."

Dan Murphy ’06

"I never missed an important meeting or my kid’s sporting events."

David George ‘13

"Even if I never go and work for another company, IEM has also taught me how, and given me the confidence to start one for myself."

Stan Chapman ’17

"I am also using what I learned in IEM for my consulting side business as much as I do for my day job."

Kyle Newman ’17