Why IEM?

Learn the Leadership Skills Needed for Management Positions

Many times at corporations you can get promoted to management positions before you have had true leadership experience. As a leader of technical professionals, you need to know how to communicate across departments, organize teams in global locations, and meet project deadlines on time and within budget — even if your team members' responsibilities are outside your personal skill set.

If you’re a technical professional looking to learn what it takes to lead a team and run a company from the top, our program will help you build the soft skills you need to compliment your existing professional expertise.

Build the Skills Needed to Advance Your Career

To determine our curriculum, we interviewed senior management executives and asked them “What do you need your employees to know if you’re going to consider them for a promotion?” and “What’s going to make our degree attractive to your company when an employee shows up with our degree on their resume?”

Then we built the IEM degree from the list of skills those executives valued.

When you get an IEM master's degree, you’re getting a degree that was literally designed from the ground up to have immediate, and tangible, application to your work. We don’t waste time on material that you won’t use again after graduation. Every book you read, every class you take, every assignment you complete, is focused on YOU and your career goals.

Attend on a Flexible Schedule

Do you have kids? Family commitments? Heavy workload? Just don’t like to take night classes? You don’t have to worry about that with us. Our flexibility is designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy professionals who are juggling both work and family while they pursue their degree. The degree is offered 100% online.

Learn from Faculty with Industry Experience

Each of our faculty members are real-world industry leaders. The professors you’ll meet here and learn from aren’t lifetime academics with no real experience with the life of an engineer. Our faculty has worked with the same environments, the same bureaucracy, and the same kinds of people that you deal with at work. We know how to help you move forward, because we have walked these same paths as you.