Much of the equipment used by the Metals group is located in the Materials Processing and Applications Development (MPAD) building,a state-of-the-art R&D facility dedicated to the development of high performance, lightweight engineering materials, processes and products.  MPAD has two focus areas -  Advanced Composites and Metal Castings. The MPAD team provides education and training from concept-to-product with a goal of commercialization and work force development for next generation engineers and scientists.  MPAD focuses on development of multi-scale multi-functional materials, processes and products that are cost-effective, lighter, energy-efficient, and possess other attributes that enhance performance. MPAD is integrated with Alabama's economic development mission and educates next generation engineers and scientists in technologies such as automotive, aerospace and missile defense, mass transit and heavy truck, energy, infrastructure, sporting and other areas of growth.

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Foundry EquipmentMPAD

Characterization Equipment

Mechanical Testing Equipment

Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Software

Non-Destructive Evaluation