Led by Charles Monroe

thinwallPredicting the flow length of high performance castings with thin-wall sections is important for a variety of materials and casting conditions. This project focuses on the development of a model to predict filling in thin-wall casting geometries.

Led by John Giffin

xrayUsing x-rays to detect flaws in a metal part is a common form of non-destructive evaluation (NDE). This project involves conversion of the current film standards to digital standards, thereby reducing cost and improving accuacy.

Led by Robin Foley

adiThis project focused on understanding the properties and hardenability limits that can be obtained in intercritically austenitized, austempered ductile iron (IADI) as a lightweight and cost effective materials for casting applications.

Led by Amber Genau

FIB2Ternary eutectics exhibit a level of complexity far beyond that found in binary eutectics.  This project aims to better understand the fundamentals of metal solidification through the use of these special structures, while also developing new methods for quantifying complex microstructures.