Laboratory Rotations

CMDB graduate student looks through a microscopeConcurrent with the first year of course work, each student will perform laboratory research with mentors of his/her choosing. Laboratory rotations are an integral part of the first-year curriculum and are the first opportunity for the student to truly experience what graduate level scientific research is all about. Laboratory rotations last approximately three months, and each student will complete three rotations by the end of their first year. These rotations are highly structured and are meant for you to become acquainted with the laboratory and the mentor and to gain practical experience in a variety of the techniques and types of scientific questions being addressed within the different theme areas. At the end of each rotation the students will present their research in the form of a poster presentation that is open to the GBS community. The performance in the laboratory will be graded by the P.I. of the laboratory, whereas the poster will be graded by two GBS faculty members. A passing grade is required for all laboratory rotations. Typically by the end of April, the student is expected to select a laboratory for his or her graduate research. In exceptional circumstances, a student who has not been able to find a laboratory may do an additional summer rotation. This requires the directors' permission.

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