Committee Requirements

Committee Timeline

GBS students must meet the following committee progression deadlines. 

  • Set up your committee. Deadline: No later than January of your second year. With your mentor, invite at least four faculty to serve on your committee. All committee members must have Graduate Faculty status to serve on graduate students' dissertation committees. 
  • Have your first committee meeting. Deadline: No later than April of your second year. After your first initial meeting, you must meet with your committee*:
    • Once a year during years three and four
    • Beginning in year five, meet every six months

* Failure to have committee meetings on this schedule may result in holds being placed on your registration.

Committee Meeting Requirements

  • Students must report committee meeting details in the Canvas progress report for GBS 798 and 799.
  • Your mentor must complete committee meeting evaluation forms after each meeting. 
  • You are expected to bring along an updated copy of the theme training plan, with copies for each member.  Training plans are located in the side bar menu of each theme page.
  • Committee meeting evaluation forms are to be submitted (if paper forms are used) to the GBS Process Manager no later than one week after the meeting. The electronic submissions are sent directly to the GBS Process Manager. 

Graduate Committee

  • Graduate Study Committee Letter (pdf)
    This form is used to nominate the mentor and members of a student's Graduate Study Committee. This form must be completed and returned to the GBS Process Manager.


If you have further questions, please contact the GBS Process Manager.