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Program Requirements

GBS program requirements can be found in the GBS Student Handbook. Theme-specific requirements can be found in the training plans located on each theme page.

It is the student's responsibility to know all requirements pertinent to your theme selection. 

GBS Academic Requirements

Students are expected to be aware of their academic standing at all times. The student is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of their academic record. We highly recommend that students review their academic records & transcripts utilizing GPS each semester. If problems are identified, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

Each student is required to register for 9 hours per semester. Any courses over 9 hours must be documented and approved by the mentor and the GBS Curriculum Manager. All students are required to register for 27 credit hours per academic year (fall, spring and summer terms). Students on certain diversity grants are required to register for 32 hours in an academic year, which typically allows 10 hours fall, 12 hours spring, and 10 hours summer.

All students are required to complete first-year fall courses in basic content knowledge.

  • GBS 707: Basic Biochemistry/Metabolism
  • GBS 708: Basic Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • GBS 709: Basic Biology Organization

GBS students are required to complete four spring semester modules. Please reference theme training plans for recommendations and/or requirements by theme. 

All students are required to complete training in statistics, grant-writing/scientific writing, and ethics as well as three advanced courses, journal clubs, seminars, theme meetings, and other theme-specific requirements.

UAB Graduate School Requirements

Information about Graduate School requirements can be found in the UAB Graduate Catalog and on the UAB Graduate School website.  Students can request more information by emailing the Graduate School at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (205) 934-8227.