Student Resources


Tutoring is available for first-year GBS students in the core courses (GBS 707, 708, and 709). Student tutors will be chosen from GBS peers. If a student needs a tutor, please contact the Curriculum Manager, Jessica Stephenson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Incentive Program for Individual Fellowships

The Graduate School has established an incentive plan designed to encourage more students to apply for individual fellowships.  The Graduate School will provide a monetary incentive for students to APPLY FOR individual fellowships funded by extramural agencies or foundations.  If a student’s application is funded, the student will receive an additional financial reward.  Learn about details and eligibility.

Graduate Student Travel

Graduate students who are traveling for professional reasons may apply to trips for the purpose of attending a scientific conference or learning new techniques. With appropriate documentation, travel costs can be paid by grant or other sources. The specific documentation required will be determined by the student’s status as a graduate research assistant (GRA) (employee policies apply) or as a trainee/fellow (i.e., funded by a training grant or individual fellowship). For information, please visit the Trainee Travel policy.

International Professional Travel

All UAB-Related Foreign Travel Requests must be made online through the UAB Forms site. UAB policy requires prior approval through this online request process for all UAB-related foreign travel, including for all students who participate in Study Away programs and/or travel overseas as part of UAB-related activities.

Students may direct questions to the Office of Study Away at 205.975.6611 or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

NIH has encouraged institutions to develop Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for all graduate students and postdoctoral researchers supported by NIH awards. Use of IDPs is to be reported in all progress reports submitted after October 1, 2014, using the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR).

Individual development plans are important tools in career planning. It is required that all GBS students participate in IDP instruction, with each newly matriculating student receiving initial IDP instruction by October 1 of their year of entry. The Graduate School offers IDP instructional sessions that include participant initiation of IDP using the Science Careers website tool myIDP. Individual themes may also establish their own IDP instruction and related requirements. MSTP students will participate in MSTP-organized IDP training rather than GBS theme-related IDP sessions.

Primary responsibility to assure that GBS students receive IDP instruction resides with the GBS curriculum manager. A record of IDP must be provided to the Graduate School by October 1st, to be forwarded to and monitored by the UAB Compliance Office. A session sign-in list or screen shots of the myIDP personal information summary page can provide evidence of participation.

The initial IDP information session is scheduled for incoming students during the entering fall semester. The GBS office will arrange these sessions with first-year students.

For more information, please visit here.

Training Grant Assistance

For information and resources on NIH training grants, including but not limited to T32 and F Awards, visit

Database for Finding Funding Opportunities

Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) is a database of research funding opportunities that can be used to search and set up email notifications for a wide variety of funding sources.  For guides and training on how to use SPIN, log into the IRAP Training portal and go to the "My Profile/SMARTS/SPIN" tab.