Student Resources 



- How to know when to register for classes -

See the UAB Academic Calendar for general UAB registration open and close dates.

To determine your specific time for registration:
  • Enter Blazernet
  • Select Registration in the top banner
  • Select "Add, Drop or Withdraw Classes"
  • Your "Time Tickets" will indicate when your registration opens and closes for each semester.

GBS Registration Deadlines:
  • Fall- July 1
  • Spring- December 1
  • Summer- May 1
Please note that GBS Registration deadlines are different than UAB registration deadlines.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to know what to register for -

Students may access the Graduation Planning System (GPS), details below, and theme training plans to indicate your required courses each semester. Each theme's requirements are different!

If you have any further questions, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to access the Graduation Planning System (GPS) -

The Graduation Planning System (GPS) is UAB's new degree auditing system. The audit will be utilized to approve student degrees upon graduation and track academic requirements throughout the program.

You can access the Graduation Planning System (GPS) by entering Blazernet and selecting the GPS icon along the right listing of icons. If it is not available there, you can access by selecting “Student” in the top banner then selecting GPS.

If you have any change requests to your GPS audit, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to register for classes -

You may search the class schedule here by selecting GBS as the department.

To Register:
  • Enter Blazernet
  • Select Registration in the top banner (This section will indicate when your registration will open.)
  • Select "Add, Drop or Withdraw Classes"
  • Select the term
  • Insert the CRN of the course(s) you wish to register for.
  • Select Submit Changes

GBS Registration Deadlines:
  • Fall- July 1
  • Spring- December 1
  • Summer- May 1

Please be reminded that you must register for a total of 9 hours each semester.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to get advanced credit for a course outside of GBS, a module course, or off-campus course -

All GBS students are expected to complete three advanced courses during their PhD training.

If you are interested in receiving credit for a course that is offered off-campus, listed as two-hours, or listed outside of GBS, you will need to complete the Advanced Course Verification Form. This form must be completed before the course is taken.

The theme director, course director, and mentor will have two weeks from the date of submission to indicate disapproval to the GBS Curriculum Manager.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to sign-up for GBS tutoring services -

Tutoring is available for first-year GBS students in the core courses (GBS 707, 708, and 709). Student tutors will be chosen from GBS peers.

If a student needs a tutor, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to replace a failing grade -

Grade Replacement Request Form

The Graduate School Grade Replacement Policy allows a graduate student who repeats a course taken at UAB to request a grade replacement in which the grade for the first course will be excluded from their GPA calculation.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

Finance & Funding

- How to find research funding opportunities -

Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) is a database of research funding opportunities that can be used to search and set up email notifications for a wide variety of funding sources.

For guides and training on how to use SPIN, log into the Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP).

- How to receive an incentive for individual fellowships -

The Graduate School has established an incentive plan designed to encourage more students to apply for individual fellowships. The Graduate School will provide a monetary incentive for students to APPLY FOR individual fellowships funded by extramural agencies or foundations. If a student’s application is funded, the student will receive an additional financial reward.

Learn about details and eligibility.

- How to receive assistance for training grants -

For information and resources on NIH training grants, including but not limited to T32 and F Awards, visit the following page.

- How to receive assistance with graduate student travel -

Graduate Student Travel
Graduate students who are traveling for professional reasons may apply to trips for the purpose of attending a scientific conference or learning new techniques. With appropriate documentation, travel costs can be paid by grant or other sources. The specific documentation required will be determined by the student’s status as a graduate research assistant (GRA) (employee policies apply) or as a trainee/fellow (i.e., funded by a training grant or individual fellowship). For information, please visit the Trainee Travel policy.

International Professional Travel
All UAB-Related Foreign Travel Requests must be made online through the UAB Forms site. UAB policy requires prior approval through this online request process for all UAB-related foreign travel, including for all students who participate in Study Away programs and/or travel overseas as part of UAB-related activities.

Students may direct questions to the Office of Study Away at 205.975.6611 or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- How to file taxes -

DISCLAIMER: GBS cannot provide legal tax advice to students. Students should consult the IRS website or a licensed tax professional for up-to-date tax information and guidelines.

IRS Resources UAB Resources


- How to apply for parking -

To sign-up for parking, students must have a UAB One Card ID before a parking permit can be purchased. Fees for parking are added to student accounts and must be paid by the deadline to avoid late fees. Students can manage their account via the Parking Portal. Several lots are available to students at no cost after hours.

- How to sign up for health insurance -

Health Insurance for students enrolled in GBS programs is mandatory. Single-coverage student health insurance through United HealthCare (UHC) is available at no cost to students. Family coverage is also available at a low cost to the student. Students can sign up for health insurance through their Student Portal located in BlazerNet.

Students who already have their own personal insurance have the option to waive United HealthCare student coverage. To opt out of United HealthCare, a waiver stating that he/she has major medical insurance that is comparable or superior to the student plan must be signed.

Additional information can be found here.

- How to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) -

The NIH has encouraged institutions to develop Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for all graduate students and postdoctoral researchers supported by NIH awards. Use of IDPs is to be reported in all progress reports submitted after October 1, 2014, using the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR).

Individual development plans are important tools in career planning. It is required that all GBS students participate in IDP instruction, with each newly matriculating student receiving initial IDP instruction by October 1 of their year of entry. The Graduate School offers IDP instructional sessions that include participant initiation of IDP using the Science Careers website tool myIDP. Individual themes may also establish their own IDP instruction and related requirements. MSTP students will participate in MSTP-organized IDP training rather than GBS theme-related IDP sessions.

Primary responsibility to assure that GBS students receive IDP instruction resides with the GBS curriculum manager. A record of IDP must be provided to the Graduate School by October 1st, to be forwarded to and monitored by the UAB Compliance Office. A session sign-in list or screen shots of the myIDP personal information summary page can provide evidence of participation.

The initial IDP information session is scheduled for incoming students during the entering fall semester. The GBS office will arrange these sessions with first-year students.

For more information, please visit UAB IDP.

- How to certify my time with effort reporting -

Students are responsible for certifying their efforts every time an HR or financial change is made to their account. Students will receive an email when recertification is needed. If this is not completed correctly, all financial records can be locked which will hinder payment requests.

Students will not need to certify their efforts while on a fellowship.

For more information, please reference Effort Report Training or contact the GBS Finance & HR Manager. To sign up for training, contact the GBS Finance & HR Manager.

- How to apply for graduation -

The Graduate School has initiated a new application for degree process, entirely online. You may access the application online through Blazernet by selecting "Links/Forms" and selecting "Apply for Graduate Degree/Certificate".

Students are responsible for verifying that all academic requirements have been met, indicated by the GPS audit. The application for degree will not be approved until all requirements are met.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GBS Curriculum Manager.

- How to become involved with student orgs -

Build relationships, develop leadership skills, and have fun by joining a student organization at UAB. See the sampling below and the full listing of student organizations for ways to get involved.