You’re on your way abroad! We’re so excited that you’ve chosen to go abroad and have been selected to participate. Before you depart, our office is here to assist you with preparations for this experience. Items that you’ll need to complete include pre-departure orientation, completing online forms for both UAB and your provider/host institution.

In general, all student participants will have two requirements for their pre-departure:

  1. Pre-departure Orientation
  2. Post-Acceptance forms on your UAB Education Abroad application

  • UAB Online Forms

    Pre-departure forms vary but may include:

  • Deadlines

    Complete all pre-departure requirements by the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation. To verify that your application is complete, your status will reflect “Ready for Departure” when you click the submit button.

Post-Acceptance Support

 Pre-departure Orientation

Each student participating in a credit-bearing experience is required to attend the Pre-Departure orientation listed in their application.

Registration & Credit

Students will maintain status with UAB while abroad on credit-bearing programs through the registration process.

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 Visas & Residency Permits

A visa or entry permit may be required for your time abroad. Learn more about the resources available to help you with this process.

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 Health & Safety Matters

Your health and safety is our number one concern. Learn about health matters to consider and handle before you depart.

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Withdraw and Refund Policy

Each program has a different policy regarding withdrawal and refund. To learn about your specific program, visit your program page or your provider’s website.