UAB Education Abroad supports students participating in research activities and will help guide students through the pre-departure process.

There are several options to secure research abroad. A research placement could be facilitated in several ways, as part of:

  • an affiliated provider program
  • a UAB faculty member
  • an independently arranged program with no credit

  • Affiliate Provider Program

    When you identify a research opportunity with an affiliate provider, please work with our Education Abroad Advisor to complete the required application process. You will also work with the affiliate provider to complete their application process.

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  • UAB Faculty Member

    As part of a UAB course, you may be required to complete international research or you may be given the opportunity by a UAB faculty member to assist with research. Please contact UAB Education Abroad to initiate your application. We will need to know your faculty member, what credit you will be receiving, and the location and dates of travel. We will help guide you through the Education Abroad process from there.

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  • Independently Arranged Research

    Any international activity associated with UAB must be registered through Education Abroad. Please contact the UAB Education Abroad Director to identify the appropriate steps to register your international research.

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