One of the top 5 experiences employers are seeking is an internship. Another is a study abroad experience. Why not combine these and do an international internship? Today’s economy is global and regardless of the field you are entering, we believe an international perspective is imperative to success. International internships can provide you with the opportunity to build a strong resume, develop cultural sensitivity, and build a global network—all while earning academic credit for your degree. Most internships do not require language fluency and will be customized to meet your personal goals.

Why intern abroad?

There are too many reasons to count, but here are a few of the most important:

  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Grow your career network
  • Earn credit toward your degree
  • Tailor your experience to your goals
  • Learn how to communicate across different cultures

Differentiate your resume.

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What you need to know?

  • Most students intern at local companies or organizations abroad
  • You can intern during the summer or semester
  • You can pair academic coursework with a part-time internship or pursue a full-time internship placement
  • Most programs do not have foreign language requirements
  • Internships are usually unpaid

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Funding for Internships

If you’re earning academic credit, you may be eligible to utilize your financial aid package and we offer a number of scholarships to help make your internship possible.

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