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Embarking on the graduate school journey can be a challenging experience, but it helps if you understand the major players involved in that experience. The “Link to Leadership” series features Q&As with UAB's Graduate School leaders and an opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to get to know these leaders on a deeper level.


Q: Why did you accept this position within the Graduate School?

A: “Education has always been a passion of mine. Not only does this include my personal learning and educational experience, but the advancement of knowledge in others. This led to my first position as an educator in the Birmingham City School system. After serving four years as a teacher and becoming the mathematics department head, I was given the opportunity to continue my career at UAB in my current role as the Curriculum & Website Manager for the Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS) Program.”

Q: How long have you been in this role? What are your specific responsibilities?

A: I have been serving as the Curriculum & Website Manager for GBS for almost two years! I am responsible for all curriculum oversight, from planning and listing courses, the development of the biomedical science curriculum, overseeing and outlining of courses through syllabi, communicating requirements to students, mentors, faculty, and theme directors, serving as first-year course administrator, managing tutoring services, catalog management, training plans, registration, evaluation processes, collecting scholarly activity, Canvas administration, GPS audits and process to degree, and applications for degree. I also work with the GBS website by managing content, faculty and student guides, and basic optimization practices.”

Q. What drew you to this particular area of work?

A: "Honestly, it seemed to be a mix of all my interests. As an educator, I loved the interaction and relationships formed when working with students, but I also had an interest in promoting graduate education and web development skills."

Q: If you were talking with a group of incoming UAB students, what would you most want them to know about you and your hopes for their experience at the Graduate School?

A: “The Graduate School has a lot to offer! My biggest advice is to get involved — whether on campus or in the community. UAB and Birmingham as a whole is growing, and you have the opportunity to be a part of that movement!”

Q: What influences have shaped you?

A: “I would say that the main thing that drew me into education and helping others would be my involvement with Semester at Sea (SAS). While studying abroad with SAS, I chose to embark in two courses, “Engineering a New Tomorrow” and “Education and Literacy in Central America and the Caribbean” through the University of Virginia. The summer voyage across Central America and the Caribbean opened my eyes to education and serving others in a new way. We taught in an all-girls private school in Trinidad and Tobago and in a rural community in Honduras. This experience brought forth my desire to pursue interests in education.”

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: “I love music. I was involved with the UAB Music Department and participated in indoor drumlines across the southeast through undergrad. Even though I don’t play as often as I used to, it is still a hobby of mine! I’m also a big fan of Birmingham so you can always find my fiancé and I trying new things and experiences in the city.”

Q: Tell me a bit about your family.

A: "Well, I am soon to be married to my wonderful fiancé (if not already married by the time you read this). We are lovers of Birmingham and the Crestwood community with our two pets, Charles Barkley and Ellie."

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