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Community Service Committee

GSG facilitates community service through initiatives like service-learning courses, volunteer programs, and partnerships with local organizations. These efforts provide students with opportunities to apply academic knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering a sense of social responsibility and contributing to community well-being. Whether through alternative spring breaks, research projects, or environmental stewardship, universities aim to instill a commitment to civic engagement in students. These community service experiences not only benefit the local community by addressing specific needs but also enrich students' personal and professional development, promoting a holistic understanding of societal challenges and the importance of active participation in creating positive change.

Shafiqul Islam Mollik (Mahfuz)

Community Service Chair

Shafiqul Islam Mollik (Mahfuz)

Committee Members

Md Shafiqul Islam Mollik (Mahfuz)
Samantha Chapman
Abubakar Sadik Mohammed
Chloe Meewes
Naveen Kumar Sathuluri
Alexis Kennedy