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About GSG Elections

GSG elections occur each April with officers being sworn in during May and taking over duties on June 1st.

Refer to the GSG Constitution for more details on elections.

Intent to Run

The intent to run form will open in March 2025.

Election Timeline

Early March Intent to Run Form opens on Engage
Mid-March Intent to Run Form closes
Mid-March Advisor reviews candidates to ensure they meet eligibility criteria
Late March Campaigning takes place
Early April Election goes live on Engage.
Early April Election closes. Winners will be announced during the April Student Body/Senate meeting.
June 1st Newly elected officers’ term begins

Elected Positions

Stipend: $150/month
  • Liaison between UAB administration and graduate students.
  • Organize University Wide Committee participation.
  • Oversee the GSG Executive Council/Committee.

Stipend: $125/month
  • Assist all committees to fulfill their duties as defined by the Bylaws.
  • Serve as the acting President in the event the President is unable to perform their duties.
  • Chairperson of the Orientation Committee.

Stipend: $100/month
  • Tracking attendance at GSG senate meetings.
  • Taking minutes for all Senate and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Ordering food for senate meetings.
  • Notifying senators of the upcoming senate meeting, missed meetings, and suspension due to missed meetings.

Stipend: $100/month
  • Chair of the Budget Committee.
  • Keeping records of all GSG transactions once in a month and presenting the expenses to the budget committee, executive committee, and senate.
  • Administrating the allocation of GSG Student Organization Funding.
  • Maintaining communication to all student organizations.

  • Allocating GSG Student Organization Funding twice in a year.
  • Updating the Budget Committee SOP, GSG Expenditure Guidelines, and GSG Student Organization Policies and Procedures Documents.
  • Attending 80% or more number of Budget Committee Meetings.
  • Option to be considered for Awards Officer.