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Professional Development and Travel Award

This award is designed to support the academic experience and professional growth of current UAB Graduate Students. An award of up to $400.00 is available for eligible graduate students who meet the enrollment and eligibility requirements for the “GSG Professional Development and Travel Award”. The award is offered as a supplement (via direct deposit) to cover expenses and cannot exceed $400.00. These awards are not meant to reimburse or pay for required UAB credit-generating activities or for activities that are not primarily professional in purpose.

Awardees planning to use GSG funds for travel must fill out the Travel Pre-approval form, or they will not be reimbursed. Please be aware that any UAB funds cannot cover AirBnB. Please review the UAB travel expenses website (https://www.uab.edu/financialaffairs/traveling) for additional information.

We have two application windows per year. Awardees planning to use GSG funds for travel must complete the Travel Pre-approval form.

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Fall/Spring Application Cycle

Award Period/Duration 10/01/2023 to 04/30/202
Application Opens 08/07/2023
Application Deadline 09/01/2023
Application Status Notification 09/18/2023
Award Reception 09/29/2023

Summer Application Cycle

Award Period/Duration 04/01/2024 to 10/30/2024
Application Opens 02/07/2024
Application Deadline 03/07/2024
Application Status Notification 03/30/2024
Award Reception 04/12/2024

For more information, contact the GSG Awards Officer, Nutifafa Senanu.

Previous Awardees

Last NameFirst NameDepartment/Year of Program
Phuong Quach Department of Physical Therapy, 4th year
Shaurita Hutchins Department of Genetics, Graduate Biomedical Sciences, 4th year
Sam Gary CDIB, 4th year
Resha Rajkarnikar Department of Pathology, GBS third year student
Harika Neelam Computer Science, Spring 2023-December 2024
Hadeel Alghanim Rehabilitation Science PhD program 2022
Jessica Lane Microbiology, 4th year
Krishna Chinta Immunology, 5th year
Ameer Mansur Biomedical Engineering, 4th year
Sandra Chrapah Department of Administration Health Services
Sydney Skipworth Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 1st Year
Samuel Chang Pathology, 3rd year
Akash Nagarajan Biology, 3rd year
Queen Crichlow Psychology department, 5th year PhD student
Griffin Thompson GBS CMDB, 3rd year
Marian Yurchishin PhD in Nutrition Sciences, 3rd year
Bronte Miller Biomedical Engineering 2nd year PhD (4th year as grad student)
Jaskamal banwait Chemistry, fifth year graduate student PhD
Jennifer Toney Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, 1st year
Yanliang Li Department of Computer Science, 5
Anudeep Bolaram Department of Psychology; IVth Year
Tony Dunn Biology- 2nd year MS
Indonesia Jordan Psychology, 5th year
Maranda Tidwell Biomedical Engineering 4th year PhD student
Peyton Clark Biomedical Engineering, 2nd Year Master's
Anastasia Smith Health Policy and Organization
Briana Machen Graduate Biomedical Sciences Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Theme 3rd year
Jahmel Fowler Neurology, GBS - BSB Theme, 3rd year
Brady Laboret Developmental Psychology 1st year
Erica Martin Health Services Administration; Year 2
Trent Garrett Master of Science in Health Administration, Master of Business Administration (dual degree), 2nd year
Lauren Paige Turner HSA- 2nd year MSHA STUDENT
Andrea Rodriguez Masters' of Healthcare Administration, Year 1
Forrest Winton MSHA class 59
Kanisa Davidson Psychology 5th year
Rahman Dewani Department of Health Administration, MSHA Class 58 (Second Year)
Van Huynh Department of Medicine, 4th year Graduate Biomedical Science PhD Program
Anh Nguyen UAB Graduate School - 1st year of Master of Multidisciplinary Biomedical Science
Larry Zhao The Department of Computer Science, 4th year in Computer Science PhD program
Shekwonya Samuel Department of Health Behavior, 4th year
Sachin Budhathoki Biomedical Engineering, 5th year
Anastasiia Gryshyna Psychology, 3rd