Committees Seeking Graduate Student Representation

ADA (Disabilities) Committee

The ADA Committee shall review ADA compliance issues and make recommendations for approval regarding compliance with ADA Title I (Employment), Title II (Public Entity Access and Transportation), Title III (Private Entity Access), Title IV (Web/Telecommunications), as they pertain to the physical environment of all facilities owned and/or operated by UAB, UAB Medicine, the UAB Education Foundation, and the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation. 

Committee Chair: Gebeke, Mike
Faculty Senate Appointee(s)

Campus Recreation Advisory Committee

The Campus Recreation Advisory Council shall (1) serve as the vehicle for communications between the Campus Recreation staff and the student body; (2) recommend ways and means of enhancing the quality of our present Campus Recreation program; (3) review the policies and procedures governing competition and hear any appeals that may be forthcoming; and (4) discuss procedural changes for the Campus Recreation Center. 

Committee Chair: Springer, Julian
Faculty Senate Appointee(s)

Committee on the Status of Women

The Commission on the Status of Women promotes gender inclusion and equity by supporting and improving opportunities for women at every state of education and career. Visit the Commission on the Status of Women website for more information. A related Faculty Senate Standing Committee is the Research Committee.

Committee Chair: Clemon, Anita N
Faculty Senate Appointee(s)

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Committee

The UAB Lecture Series Committee is composed of students and faculty members that come together and invites producers, authors, community activists and other notable figures to discuss topics centered around current events, leadership, social responsibility and history. Chaz Bono, Soledad O’Brien, Dan Savage, Common, Hill Harper and John Quiñones are some examples of people who have stepped on to UAB’s campus through an invitation by the Lecture Series. 

Committee Chair: Piteo, Linda A
Faculty Senate Appointee(s)

Budget Allocation Committee

The Budget Allocation Committee is a standing committee generated from the budget model taskforce. The purpose is to assure that support centers provide value to the university community; align service activities with the institution’s vision and mission; and promote administrative efficiencies that lead to appropriate resource allocations. A related Faculty Senate Standing Committee is the Finance Committee.

Committee Chair(s):

  • R. Andrew (Andy) Hollis
  • LaKisha Mack
Faculty Senate Appointee(s)

University Safety Committee

he purpose is to oversee Campus Safety Management Program and be responsible for recommending and monitoring processes for: emergency preparedness, code compliance/life safety, employee safety, student safety, safety training, accident/incident reporting, and other general safety-related issues.

Committee Chair: 

  • Robert E McMains
Faculty Senate Appointee(s)


UAB Film Series Committee

UAB Graduation Week Committee

Hill Student Center Advisory Council

For full list of UAB wide committees please vitsit provost website.