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Filing of a grievance is done without fear of reprisal. A grievance is defined as a complaint against a staff member or a concern regarding a service being provided by a service provider. If a client feels he/she has been wronged, mistreated in any way, or denied services, this would be defined as an appropriate grievance.

Process to file a grievance: Within 30 days of incident occurrence the client must file a written complaint. Assistance is available upon request via the agency or your own representative.

Upon completion, grievance may be turned into:

Christopher M Hamlin, D.Min., Chaplain
UAB 1917 Clinic at Dewberry
3220 5th Ave S, DEW 1001
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: (205) 975-9103  

A good faith effort will be made by the service provider to contact the client within ten working days of receipt of written grievance to discuss resolution. A meeting via telephone or in person will be set-up at the client’s convenience to discuss resolution of the grievance. The client is permitted to have an advocate present. A verbal and written resolution will be provided to the client.

If contact with the client by the service provider is not made within ten days, documentation as to why contact wasn’t made is required. Three attempts will be made to contact the client. If three attempts are unsuccessful in reaching the client the grievance becomes null and void. The client has the right to re-file the grievance within the original 30 day time period of the filing of the initial grievance.

If the client is dissatisfied with the resolution of the grievance the client may contact:

Christa Nevin, MD, MSPH
Director, UAB 1917 Clinic at Dewberry
UAB 1917 Clinic at Dewberry
3220 5th Ave S, DEW 2163
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: (205) 975-7732

Resolution of the grievance will be documented and filed with the original complaint and any additional documentation.