Our graduates continue to be highly successful.  In recent years roughly half of residents have chosen to pursue fellowships.  Those who have applied to fellowships have been successful in matching into highly competitive programs, with a 90-100% success rate each year.  Following completion of residency or fellowship training, approximately ¾ of our graduates enter private practice, with ¼ choosing academics.  While many of our graduates choose to practice in the southern United States, we have graduates across the country.

Graduates 2017

Our graduates consistently perform well on board pass rates.  To insure this continues we offer an Academic Incentive and Support Program to mentor residents in preparation for certification exam success, a unique CA1 curriculum to guide preparation for the Basic Exam, practice mock oral board exams and OSCE experience to assist in preparation for the Applied Exam.


2018 board cert


In Training Exam Scores indicate the progression of our residents towards successful certification.  Residents perform at national average early in training and in the later years, UAB class average exceeds the national average score.

2018 ITE