Thank you for your interest in the Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Residency Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Our residency class will include 21 residents in each of the four years training. All residency positions are categorical positions.

We expect to invite applicants to fill 200 interview opportunities. Applicants are chosen for invitation for an interview based on review of their ERAS application. Multiple factors including test scores, medical school success, and additional activities are considered. Applicants will be contacted to schedule a convenient time to interview during the months of November through February.

After the interview is scheduled, applicants will be contacted by the Residency Office closer to the date of the interview to confirm details of the process. In addition, the Residency Committee is a group of residents interested in assisting in resident recruitment, will contact each applicant to help facilitate a successful interview day for each person.

Should you have additional questions about our program, please contact our Residency Office at (205) 934-6525 or contact our Director of Resident Education, Tekuila Carter, M.D., at