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The Residency Program’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment where all can thrive is a priority for our residency program, department, graduate medical education community, school, and healthcare system. We know that excellence and innovation depend on collaboration among individuals with the broadest possible perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Within healthcare, delivering the highest quality education, training, and patient care requires true diversity among the teachers, students, and healthcare providers.

Our residency program strives to recruit a diverse class of residents. We have taken advantage of training, recommendations, and opportunities provided by the institution’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to help us be successful in this goal. 

We provide anti-racism education for all residents and faculty, continue our efforts to recruit and retain a diverse team, ensure we provide opportunities for listening and engagement by all members of our program, and launch a leadership track for underrepresented in medicine minority residents. 

While we are confident that UAB is truly an environment that is diverse and inclusive and that our residency community is one that is supportive of all its members, we also realize that there is room to grow. We are committed to exploring and taking advantage of all opportunities to ensure continued progress. 

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