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Abarca Tyler Photo 2020

Medical School: University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine
Residency Class: Ca-3
Hometown: Tooele, UT
#WhyIChoseUAB: I chose UAB for their strong clinical training and exposure to all the subspecialties of anesthesia. 
Fun Fact: During Ca-1 year, Dr. Lawson and I delivered a baby on L&D. We had just finished placing the epidural and were waiting 3 minutes for the test dose when all of a sudden, the patient shouted that the baby was coming. Dr. Lawson and I were the only ones in the room, so I ran around the bed, caught the baby, and hoped someone else showed up before the placenta came out.
Favorite part of the program/UAB: My classmates are my favorite part about UAB. They are all so smart, supportive, and make our job fun. 
My neighborhood and why I like it: I live in Chapel Hills, Fultondale. It is a quiet suburb just North of Birmingham. Currently, there are 8 anesthesia residents who live in Chapel Hills with their families. So we are able to get together often and escape the chaos of work. 
Best places for soaking up the local culture: Back Forty Beer Company is a popular spot for people to get together and hang out. As the weather starts warming up, there is always a crowd of people outdoors enjoying good food and company. 
Favorite rotation and why: Cardiothoracic anesthesia has been my favorite rotation. In cardiac operating rooms, I feel like I get to use all my skills as an anesthesia provider to gain access, interpret patient data, and manipulate physiology.
Favorite spots for a date night: Bocca Ristorante
Favorite places to take guests: Oak Mountain State Park
Best park, trail, or golf course/Where I take in the scenic views: The Robert Trent Jones golf trail has multiple courses throughout the state. Oxmoor Valley is my favorite course and where you will find most residents on weekends and post-call days.
Why I like Birmingham: I like that Birmingham is a medium-size city. The hospital is busy and provides exposure to everything you'll need to see in training, but the city is still livable with a small-town feel.
What I wish someone had told me before I moved here: Alabama has beautiful geography, ranging from mountains, streams, and lakes up North to sandy beaches down South.
What I'll miss most about UAB/Birmingham: I will miss hanging out in the resident lounge talking about interesting cases. Ca-1 gaffes, and whatever random thought crosses Dr. Egbaria's mind. 
Plans for after graduation: Cardiothoracic fellowship at the University of Nebraska