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Maxwell Photo 2022

Medical School: University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine
Residency Class: Ca-1
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
#WhyIChoseUAB: The absence of brutal winters drew me in. Warm and welcoming program faculty and the collaborative culture combined with the opportunity to experience early independence through moonlighting sealed the deal. 
Fun Fact: I follow Teddy Roosevelt's advice, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Except I have three swords. 
Favorite part of the program/UAB or something you love about it: The anesthesia lounge. And the people. 
Favorite rotation and why: CCU - mix of lines, echos, and physiology. 
My neighborhood and why I like it: Meadowbrook- quiet, but close to all of the essentials. Neighbors are the salt of the Earth. 
Best places for soaking up the local culture: Downtown restaurants, BBQ joints, Vulcan Park.
Favorite spots for a date night: Bistro 218, Breakout Games. 
Favorite places to take guests: Vulcan Park, Botanical Garden, Heardmount Park.
Best park, trail, or golf course/Where I take in the scenic views: Red Mountain Park. 
Why I like Birmingham: The people are second to none, the food is out of this world, and the weather!
What I wish someone had told me before I moved here: You cannot be neutral about Alabama vs. Auburn. 
What I'll miss the most about UAB/Birmingham: The people!
Plans for after graduation: Fellowship TBD- Carsiothoracic, Peds, or a love I have yet to find?