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Phelps Chance Photo 2020 1

Medical School: East Tennessee State University, Quillen College of Medicine
Residency Class: Ca-3
Hometown: Manchester, TN
#WhyIChoseUAB: Broad case variety, trauma experience
Fun Fact: I was a driver in a presidential motorcade. 
Favorite part of the program/UAB: The cafeteria discount
My neighborhood and why I like it: Helena- Suburban subdivision with lots of kids the same age as my kids.
Best places for soaking up the local culture: Back Forty, BJCC, Vulcan, Five Points
Favorite rotation and why: Liver call
Favorite spots for a date night: Tre Luna, Davenport's Pizza, Whiskey Foxtrot Burgers, Chez Fonton
Favorite places to take guests: Back Forty
Best park, trail, or golf course/Where I take in the scenic views: Hoover Met Splash Pad and park.
Why I like Birmingham: Variety of food and events throughout the year, it's easy to find something new even after 3 years here. 
What I wish someone had told me before I moved here: To really believe how humid people say it gets. 
What I'll miss the most about Birmingham/UAB: Co-residents
Plans for after graduation: Private practice and more vacations