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Pickering Andrew Photo 2020

Medical School: UAB School of Medicine
Residency Class: Ca-3
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
#WhyIChoseUAB: My top priority was finding a place to train that would prepare me to feel comfortable in any situation I might face later on in my career. UAB offers its residents tons of autonomy, case volume, and exposure to every subspecialty which stood out to me compared to other programs.
Fun Fact: I lived in China for a year.
Favorite part of the program/UAB: Our residents are incredible clinicians but also easy-going, friendly people who enjoy spending time together and having fun.
My neighborhood and why I like it: Crestline Park. It's only 12 minutes away from the hospital but allows me to have a backyard and quiet neighborhood for my family to enjoy with our dog. 
Best places for soaking up the local culture: There's tons of coffeeshops, breweries, and walkable areas. Crestline Village, Avondale, and Lakeview are some of my favorites. 
Favorite rotation and why: Our Regional rotation at Highlands gives us a taste of private practice with a high volume of different nerve blocks before outgoing surgeries. 
Favorite spots for a date night: Bottega Cafe, Helen, and Bamboo are hard to beat.
Favorite places to take guests: Avondale brewing, Saw's Juke Joint
Best park, trail, or golf course/Where I take in the scenic views: Oak Mountain St. Park has trails for hiking/biking and a solid golf course. 
Why I like Birmingham: It has a lot of the perks of a big city without the drawbacks. It's affordable, has great restaurant options, there's a lot to do, but traffic is never bad. Also, the weather is great if you like warm seasons with a short, mild winter. 
What I wish someone had told me before I moved here: I've lived here most of my whole life, but I think it offers something for almost everyone. You can live downtown in an apartment and have a big city feel if that's your thing. Or you can also live a little further away in a suburban area and enjoy a house with a neighborhood feel. 
What I'll miss the most about Birmingham/UAB: I like it so much that I'm likely never going to leave. 
Plans for after graduation: I'm going to work in the community anesthesia division of UAB at a hospital nearby Birmingham.