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Shagarabi Anwar Photo 2020

Medical School: Wright State University BSOM
Residency Class: Ca-3
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
#WhyIChoseUAB: Several of UAB's qualities appealed to me throughout the application cycle. When I submitted my rank list, I wanted to match at a program that had a strong academic reputation, subspecialty fellowship positions in-house, and residents that appreciated their training experience. UAB excels in each of those facets. 
Fun Fact: My mother was born in North America, my father was born in Africa, and I was born in Europe. Small world, right?
Favorite part of the program/UAB: I know every anesthesiology resident in Alabama because we all train together at UAB! There are no programs to compete with in the city, county, or state, so our education is unparalleled. 
My neighborhood and why I like it: I live in the Crestwood neighborhood, and a good number of my co-residents are also my neighbors. I like the neighborhood because it is close to UAB, housing is affordable, neighbors are friendly, and I'm close to several restaurants and retail stores. My dog likes it because there are off-leash parks and squirrels to chase. 
Best places for soaking up the local culture: My favorite thing to do in Birmingham is to spend a Saturday morning at The Farmers Market at Pepper Place. I buy more local meat, produce, and desserts thank a reasonable person ever would, then try a new recipe with my partner while our German Shepherd hopes we drop something on the floor for him. 
Favorite rotation and why: If you ask my classmates, they probably won't believe I picked this one, but my answer is cardiothoracic rotation. Over those two months, I expanded my physiology knowledge, improved my procedural skills, and gained immeasurable confidence in caring for the most fragile patients in the operating room. 
Favorite spots for a date night: This might be the toughest question on the list. Bettola has a special place in my heart because my pre-interview dinner was hosted there, even if I can't pronounce half of the items on the menu. For casual date night, East West, Saigon Noodle House or Blue Sushi know I'm on the way. 
Favorite places to take guests: The easy places to take guests are Regions Field for a Baron's game, Topgolf to be bad at golf together, or the Summit to go spend some moonlighting money. To show a more unique side of Birmingham, I recommend a trip to the Avondale neighborhood to grab a meal before a concert at one of the intimate venues. 
Best park, trail, or golf course/Where I take in the scenic views: Railroad Park is easy to reach, has a variety of restaurants and food trucks to choose from, and there are frequently festivals or cultural events to enjoy. The views of downtown Birmingham are worth the trip. 
Why I like Birmingham: Birmingham is close to my hometown of Atlanta, so it's provided me the perfect balance of being accessible to my family when I need to be, but distant enough when I need to limit distractions during residency. The bigger reason I like Birmingham is that it has become my home since matching at UAB.
What I wish someone had told me before I moved here: Even if you don't care about college football before moving to Birmingham, you care now. Pick a side: War Eagle or Roll Tide!
What I'll miss the most about Birmingham/UAB: Just like in high school, college, and medical school, the day will come that 21 residents in the Class of 2024 are gathered in the same place for the last time. I have nothing but positive experiences with all 20 of my classmates, but Drake is my favorite. 
Plans for after graduation: I plan on starting my general anesthesiology career with a private practice group. Let's see what July 1, 2024 has to offer!