Amendment Review: If you have had a study managed by any of the following groups in the past, and now there is a *change you will complete the electronic forms in the Redcap application, and click "Revision":

- Clinical Billing Review/FAP

- OnCore / Oncore Calendar Services (OCS)

- CCTS (CRU, SPAN, Bionutrition, CRSP, etc)

*Changes may include removing adding UAB Health System (UABHS) clinical billable services, removing/revising UABHS clinical billable services, removing OnCore Calendar procedures, adding OnCore calendar procedures, adding CCTS services, removing services, etc.


NOTE: If research activities are being provided by an Ancillary Research Area that bills for their services internally - department to department (outside of the UAB Health System), please contact the ancillary research area directly for research pricing.