Departments may choose to submit a Feasibility Fee Request to CBR in order to:

  • obtain preliminary research fees for protocol-required clinical billable activities to perform cost feasibility evaluations;


  • obtain research fees for protocol-driven clinical billable activities when developing a proposed budget for grant/industry study proposals.

Common Fees: Common Lab Pricing requested by study teams

Feasibility Fee Request: To submit a Feasibility Fee Request, fill out the appropriate information in the online Redcap application. Please make sure to list the UAB Health System Clinical Billable Services for which you need pricing, and the location of the service.

The request will be sent to the Clinical Billing Offices (CBO), and pricing/coding information will be returned to you as soon as it is received.


Should you submit a Feasibility Fee Request, and the study/project moves forward for activation at UAB, then a Full FAP Review submission is required at that time.

  • If research activities are being provided by an Ancillary Research Area that bills for their services internally - department to department (outside of the UAB Health System), please contact the ancillary research area directly for research pricing.