Submission for full fiscal approval process review is required for any clinical trial/research project that includes clinical billable activities that are provided and billed by the UAB Health System.

To submit a request for review for studies involving UAB Health System Clinical Billable Services, OnCore Calendar Requests, and/or UAB Health System Clinical Billable Services, please go to this link. Complete the information, as applicable in the form.

Please note: you will need all required information on hand before submission. Please see the checklist at this link (BlazerID email/password for login) in order to determine needed information for review before you begin your submission. If available at the time of submission, please submit the copy of the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) award letter (please submit when available)


NOTE: If research activities are being provided by an Ancillary Research Area that bills for their services internally - department to department (outside of the UAB Health System), please contact the ancillary research area directly for research pricing.