Our fellowship training program has a submission deadline for applications of April 1st each year; however, we do accept applications year-round as there may be training slots available, depending on funding options for current trainees, and other factors. Candidates will have the opportunity to work either at University of Alabama at Birmingham or HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology at Huntsville.

Center for Genomic Medicine strongly encourages applications from all groups that have been shown by the National Health Institute to be nationally underrepresented in health sciences research training. This includes certain racial and ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, or persons from a disadvantaged economic background. If any of these apply, please include that information below. 


Please complete the application linked below. Each part should be answered completely and accurately.  If a question is not applicable, enter “N/A”.  An incomplete application may delay action or disqualify you. Please do not enter “see CV”.

Please have references submit recommendation letters to Cgmt32@uab.edu with the applicant's name in the subject line.

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