We appreciate your interest in the Anatomical Donor Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It is only through the generous gifts of our anatomical donors that our health professionals are able to advance their knowledge of medicine to an effective degree. You may be assured that we hold the privilege of studying the human body in sacred trust.

To register with our program

  • Call or email us to receive the Anatomical Gifts Application and return to this office. Please take time to answer all questions completely and include as much medical history as you feel comfortable. It is not necessary to have these forms notarized.
  • Make a copy of the completed forms to keep for your personal records. If you are admitted into a hospital, move to a retirement community, a nursing home, or any type of specialized care facility, a copy of your dedication form and instructions should be included in your chart or care plan.
  • Inform us immediately of any change in name, address, or next of kin information. Up-to-date information is crucial for us to have on file to ensure we have a contact on your behalf.
  • Fill out and keep the donor card on you at all times. (This will be mailed to you when we receive your completed registration forms and accept you into the program.) It is an indication of your wishes.
  • Please discuss your wishes with your loved ones who will be responsible for your intentions after death. Many donors do not make it to our program simply because their loved ones did not know of their intentions. We encourage you to give your family and physicians a copy of your forms.

What to do when death occurs

A loved one/caregiver should notify our program immediately by calling (205) 934-4494. An informed staff member will answer the phone 24 hours a day and arrange for the donor to be transported to our program. It is important that we receive the donor into our possession within an 8-hour time limit.

If you are interested in donating your organs for transplantation, information can be obtained by contacting The Alabama Organ Center at (205) 731-9200. However, in order to be a total willed body donor; all life-sustaining organs must be intact. The only exceptions to this rule are donations of the brain to the Alabama Brain Collection at 205-996-9373. or of the eyes and corneas to the Alabama Eye Bank at 1-800-423-7811 and you must contact them for information about their programs. Please read our policy statement for additional requirements.

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