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With access to vast resources across the UAB campus, the UAB Heersink School of Medicine encourages interactions between physicians and scientists in different specialties, between faculty and trainees, and scientists and clinicians. Our institution offers unique networks for participation in research. Numerous opportunities are available for trainees to join the research endeavors of faculty members in a variety of laboratories, clinics, and departments.

The UAB Heersink School of Medicine strives to grow and diversify research by offering a broad range of training programs. We offer over 85 doctoral, master’s, and educational specialties across multiple disciplines. Our graduates, post-doctoral students, residents, fellows, undergraduate, and medical students participate in award-winning research that furthers the scope of discovery while giving our faculty access to a large pool of researchers that can assist in laboratory work.

Trainees at UAB will gain a greater understanding of their field by exploring specialized courses that prepare them to thrive in their chosen careers. They will learn how to gather information, develop research projects, present their ideas in fresh and innovative ways, and independently work within multiple scientific settings. The skills our trainees take from UAB ensures they will contribute worthwhile knowledge to their fields, and expedite the ideals of scholarly engagement and by advancing future discoveries.

Clinical and Research Undergraduate Summer Programs

We specializes in undergraduate summer programs that provide enhanced scientific and professional preparation for studentsaspiring towards a career in medicine or biomedical sciences.

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Scholarly Activity

Medical students are required to engage in at least one scholarly project during their third year. Projects may vary from student to student, and range from laboratory research to medical humanities.

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Medical Student Research Opportunities: Year 1

Medical students often choose to undertake research during the summer between the first and second year of medical school. Opportunities exist for students to participate in basic biomedical, clinical, translational, and global health research.

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Medical Students Research Opportunities: Year 2 and Beyond

Medical students who have completed their preclinical years may opt to take a year out to engage in elective research. Students may choose to stay at UAB or go to another institution for their research. There are a number of competitive fellowships available to support this form of research.

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Medical Student Clinical, Service, and Training Opportunities

Medical students may seek out summer programs that provide experiences beyond clerkships and elective rotations. Short-term summer clinical or training programs are available both domestically and internationally to medical students looking to gain additional clinical experience in a desired specialty.

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