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UAB School of Medicine leaders, faculty, students and staff are preparing for renewal of the school’s accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) in 2022. The LCME is the nationally recognized accrediting authority for medical education programs leading to the MD degree in U.S. and Canadian medical schools. The LCME is sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association. In the United States, the accreditation status of programs leading to the MD degree is determined solely by the LCME.

Accreditation demonstrates to our students, prospective students and the public that the UAB School of Medicine has met and is maintaining a high level of standards set by our accrediting body. Students and graduates of LCME-accredited medical schools are eligible to take USMLE, enter residencies approved by the ACGME, and graduation from an LCME-accredited medical school is, in most states, a prerequisite for medical licensure.

Seeking LCME re-accreditation is a detailed process of institutional self-review to identify areas of strength and challenges to be addressed, and requires a great deal of input from students, faculty and staff. It is peer-reviewed by faculty and students at other schools and members of the general public who have been assembled and trained by the LCME to determine whether our medical education program meets established standards.

The UAB School of Medicine holds full accreditation from the school’s last full survey visit in 2014.

The accreditation process includes an independent student analysis and an institutional self-study, and culminates with the three-day survey visit by an LCME team April 10–13, 2022.


LCME Standards

Institutional Setting
Standard 1: Mission, Planning, Organization and Integrity
Standard 2: Leadership and Administration

Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environments
Standard 4: Faculty Preparation, Productivity, Participation and Policies
Standard 9: Teaching, Supervision, Assessment and Student & Patient Safety

Medical Students
Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environments
Standard 10: Medical Student Selection, Assignment and Progress
Standard 11: Medical Students Academic Supports, Career Advising and Educational Records
Standard 12: Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counseling and Financial Aid Services 

Educational Resources
Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environments
Standard 5: Educational Resources and Infrastructure

Educational Program
Standard 6: Competencies, Curricular Objectives and Curricular Design
Standard 7: Curricular Content
Standard 8: Curricular Management, Evaluation and Enhancement

Latest Headlines

Road to Accreditation Episode 4: Medical school is hard

Road to Accreditation Episode 4: Medical school is hard

MS1 Meghna Katta talks with Nicholas Van Wagoner, M.D., Ph.D., associate dean for Students, on the the value of the SOM's learning environment and how our leaders make supportive environment to help students meet the challenges of medical school.


For more information or questions, contact LCME Site Visit Coordinator Elizabeth Rahn, PhD.