Medical School applicants are required to apply through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). The AMCAS application cycle runs from June through December. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) processes and verifies the completion and submission of the AMCAS application, application fee and supporting documents before we review an applicant's file.

Candidates who meet our criteria will receive a secondary application and from those secondary applications, candidates will be selected for interviews. 

Letters of Recommendation

All letters of recommendation must be submitted through the AMCAS Letters Service by using AMCAS Letter Writer Application, Interfolio, mail and/or VirtualEvals. Please ensure all your letters are submitted to AMCAS through one or more of the above mediums. Only letters submitted through this service will be included in your application for review by our admissions committee. Please note that there is a five letter maximum for this requirement.

We offer three options for fulfilling the letters requirement portion of our secondary application:

Committee Letter - Preferred Option

A committee letter is authored by a pre-health committee or pre-health advisor and intended to represent your institution's evaluation of you. A committee letter may or may not include additional letters written in support of your application. If you have committee letters from two different programs/schools, list one as your committee letter and include the other as an individual letter.

Letter Packet

A packet or set of letters is assembled and distributed by your institution, often by the institution’s career center. A letter packet may include a cover sheet from your pre-health committee or advisor; however, in contrast to a committee letter, a letter packet does not include an evaluative letter from your pre-health committee or advisor.

Application Process
Three Individual Letters

Individual letters should include at least one letter from a faculty member (preferably a science faculty member) and two letters other faculty or individuals who can provide in-depth evaluation and recommendation.

Secondary Application

2020 Secondary Application requests will be sent out starting July 10. Once your initial application has been processed, you will be contacted and asked to submit the secondary application. Please refer to our Selection Criteria on who will receive a secondary application request.

We realize that applications might be delayed due to scheduling issues with MCAT testing related to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are providing the secondary application essay prompts for the 2021 cycle. If you anticipate that you will receive a secondary application and would like to go ahead and get started, here are the essays:

Each prompt is limited to 750 characters.

Where do you see yourself in your medical career fifteen to twenty years from now?

Please share any information you want us to know about you that is not included in your AMCAS application or in this secondary application:

Briefly indicate how you would add diversity to our medical school class:

Please describe if and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your preparation for applying to medical school.

Describe an observed patient-physician interaction, what you learned from the experience, and how those lessons will impact your approach to patient care.

Describe a fulfilling or challenging community service experience and how you grew personally from the experience.


Interviews allow you to meet with members of the Admissions Committee and give them a better understanding of your interests, experiences, motivation, and capacity to be a physician. Interviewers will have access to your AMCAS and secondary applications, but do not have access to your grades, MCAT scores, or letters of recommendation. Our goal with interviews is to conduct thoughtful and respectful evaluations. 

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is a series of nine, six-minute timed interview scenarios, in which applicants will rotate through designed interview stations. The MMI allows the School of Medicine Admissions Committee to assess qualities that are essential to being a physician, such as maturity, compassion, and adaptability.

For the 2020-2021 Admissions cycle, we will offer virtual interviews.

Acceptance Status

Once the School of Medicine admissions committee makes a final decision, each applicant will be informed of acceptance electronically. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis starting Oct. 15. Applicants who have not received notice of a final decision are still under consideration.

Contact Information

All applicants must maintain updated contact information with AMCAS throughout the entire application process. Your AMCAS contact information is our only source of contact information for you. We do not maintain a separate database of contact information.