Our approach is to effect positive organizational change and contribute to the academic pursuit of understanding drivers of wellness.

Annual Pulse Survey

UAB Medicine’s annual Pulse Survey launched in 2020, as a way to take the “pulse” of employee wellness. The anonymous survey is available to all UAB Medicine/Heersink School of Medicine employees, faculty, advanced practice providers, nurses, and trainees. While the essence of the survey remains consistent, which is to measure distress and engagement, it also measures timely topics such as: covid-related factors, work design, non-work stressors, and trust. Additionally, the survey is designed to give employees a voice in shaping their work environment by communicating suggestions for improvement and expectations of leadership.

The survey is reviewed by the IRB and only aggregate data is shared with leaders. Results from Pulse Surveys have informed leadership on how to make and communicate institutional decisions and what the keys drivers of distress are for UAB Medicine employees.

2020 Pulse Executive Summaries

2021 Pulse Executive Summaries 

Current Studies

Job Crafting to Decrease Burnout and Improve Wellbeing

Dr. Katherine Meese, Principle Investigator

This study is based on the concept of empowering leadership, which has been shown to increase engagement and wellness among team members. The first cohort will be comprised of scientists and physician-scientists who lead scientific teams and will commence summer 2022. Participants in the study will be asked to participate in a six-week online program.

If the study proves to be successful, the concept and tool will be made available to all levels of leadership.

The Physician Experience with the Rationalization of Healthcare Delivery

Dr. David A. Rogers, Principle Investigator

The study is an evaluation of the work-life of physicians and the impacts of changes in delivery for efficiency and standardization. The study will commence summer 2022 and will require a purposive sampling of participants to participant in a virtual 2-hour focus group.

Current Grants

Healthy Workforce Resiliency Award: Awarded $2.3M, over three years, from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to support nurse well-being and peer support. In partnership with School of Nursing, University Hospital, and the Chief Nursing Officer, a robust peer-support program dedicated to nurses will be developed. Additionally, a nurse wellness manager will be hired to oversee this program and implementation of strategic initiatives for nurse well-being.

Doris Duke Grant: UAB Medicine was awarded a $500,000 Doris Duke grant to support early career scientists affected by caregiving responsibilities during the pandemic. The grant application was informed by data collected form the pulse survey, and the Office of Wellness team is assisting with program evaluation.

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Published Book Chapters

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