At UAB Medicine we strive to improve health and well-being by providing patient- and family-centered clinical care, rich learning opportunities for our faculty and staff, and support for our researchers who are advancing medical science. There are a number of factors that may cause or contribute to harmful stress for our employees and, more broadly, members of our community. In response, the UAB Medicine Office of Wellness aims to provide resources for the well-being of all UAB Medicine employees and those we serve. Our key ongoing initiatives include: 

  1. Committing to improve the collective well-being of UAB Medicine
  2. Employing validated measures to evaluate individual and collective well-being, burnout, and engagement
  3. Committing to examine and reduce organizational stressors
  4. Developing and employing evidence-based stress management and resilience training interventions
  5. Supporting leadership development related specifically to well-being
  6. Contributing to the process of cultural transformation

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About Us

Established in 2018, our office identifies and distributes numerous wellness resources within UAB to support individual employees, teams, and departments in meeting their wellness goals. Using research-based wellness data and resources, we strive to promote balanced cultural wellness.

Who We Are

Rogers David

David Rogers, MD, MHPE, Chief Wellness Officer and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

Meese Katherine 2

Katherine Meese, PhD, Director of Wellness Research

Patel Nisha 2

Nisha Patel, MBA, MSHA, Executive Director of Operations, Wellness, and Administration

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UAB Resources

The UAB Medicine Office of Wellness focuses on five dimensions of wellness that contribute to overall, balanced well-being.


Professional Development Office
Leadership Development Office
Linkedin Learning
Office of Risk Management
UAB Ombuds
Unconscious Bias LMS Training


Leadership Development Office
Linkedin Learning
Learning and Development


Professional Development Office
Psychiatry and Psychology Services
UAB Cares


Pastoral Care


Campus Rec 
Employee Wellness
Sleep/Wake Disorders center
Weight Loss Medicine
Urgent Care
Addiction Recovery

Take 5 Tuesday

UAB Medicine Office of Wellness provides tools and resources each week through a wellness email called Take 5 Tuesday. The email aims to strengthen mind, body, and spirit through local and national resources for each of the five areas of wellness. Subscribe to the weekly email here. The office encourages readers to pass this information along to friends and family outside of UAB, in hopes that we can have an even greater impact on the well-being of our community.

Wellness Champions + Programmatic Leaders

Wellness Champions are key leaders who have either volunteered or been nominated by their unit to serve as a representative of their department/unit to the Office of Wellness. Additionally, they serve as an internal leader within their unit to promote the offices resources, programs, and update faculty & staff on initiatives and upcoming opportunities.

Programmatic leaders are key leaders who have been selected to provide strategic programmatic guidance to the Office of Wellness.

Wellness Champions Programmatic Leaders
Etkatrina Bakradze
Rachel Bass
Joy Dean
Laura Fraser
Chris Godlewski
Ashley Hanson
Natalia Kedishvili
John Kennedy
Charles Khoury
Brenessa Lindeman
Kristin Linscott
Brandi McClesky
Megan McMurray
Lauren Nassetta
Matthew Nelson
Patrick Selph
Amanda Sharpe
Matt Sherrer
Erika Walsh
Michael Wiederman
Christopher Brainard
Catherine Brown
Irena Bukelis
Christopher Godlewski
Ashley Hanson
John Kennedy
Brenessa Lindeman
Tami Long
Malcolm Marler
Megan McMurray
Jason Morris
Lauren Nassetta
Carolina Salvador

Well-being Index

The Well-Being Index is a web-based tool used to evaluate multiple dimensions of distress in just 7-9 questions. It is designed to measure burnout, allowing users to compare their scores to their peers as well as track progress over time to promote self-awareness. It is 100% anonymous.

The index measures six dimensions of distress and well-being: likelihood of burnout, severe fatigue, suicidal ideation, quality of life, meaning in work, work-life integration, risk of medical error, drop-out risk, and overall well-being. Take the Well-Being Index here

Please use one of the following access codes based on your group/role:

Trainee (Resident/Fellow/Other Trainee): UAB TRAINEE
Employee/Staff: UAB MEDICINE

If you have already taken the Well-Being Index, you may do a re-assessment quarterly or monthly.

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