Request for pilot and feasibility grants for basic and clinical studies in acute kidney care

The UAB-UCSD O'Brien Core Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research (P30 DK079337) invites proposals for participation in the pilot and feasibility (P&F) studies involving the pathophysiology, basic mechanisms, therapeutic approaches, translational studies, and clinical outcomes related to acute kidney injury.  The intent of this pilot program is to provide seed monies for researchers to obtain subsequent extramural funding. If funded, the proposed start date for the P&F grants will be August 1, 2022. Three pilot projects may be funded based on merit and availability of funding. Find PDF of RFA here.


  1. New independent investigators (Instructor or Assistant Professor) without current or past NIH research support at the R01 level. This funding opportunity is open to UAB/UCSD and non-UAB/UCSD investigators.
  2. Established investigators who want to explore a novel idea related to acute kidney injury that represents a clear departure from the investigator's ongoing research efforts.

Terms of Support

  1. Up to $40,000 per year in project-related direct costs can be requested for the P&F Study, including salary support and appropriate supplies.
  2. The successful applicants will be required to submit a progress report at the end of the funding period. A second year of support is dependent on a competitive review of the progress made and resubmission of a research proposal.

Submission of Applications

  • The initial application should not exceed two (2) single-spaced pages (1” margins, Font size: Arial 11) and is due by 5 PM, February 25, 2022. The earliest date to submit proposals is January 4, 2022. The short application should include separate sections on overall objectives, specific aims and significance of the proposed research to acute kidney injury. In addition to the 2-page application, an NIH-style Biographical Sketch with Other Support should be included. Please upload as a single PDF document. Applicants should also include which O’Brien Center cores will be utilized. Please visit the Center website for information on services offered by the Cores ( We are utilizing a single portal for pilot applications that you can find if you have questions or issues accessing the portal please contact Monica Vasiliu (
  • Applicants whose initial proposals are judged to be meritorious and fulfill the other criteria mentioned above will be invited to submit an expanded application (5 pages for Specific Aims, Significance, Innovation, and Approach, excluding references) due by 5 PM, May 16, 2022. These applications should conform to the NIH instructions for submitting research grant applications and must be uploaded as a single PDF document.


Application Deadlines and Dates

* Initial application deadline: February 25, 2022 at 5 PM, CST.
* Decision on initial applications by March 25, 2022.
* Full-length applications deadline: May 16, 2022 at 5 PM, CST.
* Anticipated start date August 1, 2022.

For additional information please contact Dr. Anupam Agarwal (, Dr. Paul Sanders (, Dr. Ravi Mehta ( or Dr. Monica Vasiliu (