Brandon Boyd

Undergraduate: Florida State University

Medical School: FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Why I Chose UAB: I chose UAB for the opportunity to gain research experience within the field of orthopedics while having a balanced exposure to the clinical aspect of orthopedic surgery. The program also offers the ability to establish meaningful relationships within the community through interaction with residents and mentorship from the physicians. Former fellows spoke highly about the programs supportive culture, academic productivity, and ability to prepare students for residency. I am excited to join a program that will challenge me academically and equip me with the skills necessary for a successful career.

Kyle Paul

Undergraduate: Tusculum College

Graduate: University of Southern California; Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia

Why I Chose UAB: I chose to pursue my research fellowship at UAB for it’s established success at developing academically productive fellows that match into their top respective residency choices. During my interview with the program, I gained a sense that the department is a tight-knit group that welcomes fellows in all facets of resident education and makes it their mission to help us succeed.

Nicholas Andrews

Undergraduate: University of Miami

Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Why I Chose UAB: Research is incredibly important for advancing the field of orthopedics. I chose UAB because of the supportive faculty and camaraderie among research fellows. It is a privilege to obtain invaluable research experience and clinical orthopedic knowledge before continuing medical training.

Kyle Paul

Undergraduate: John Carroll University

Medical School: FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Why I Chose UAB: My decision to pursue the Orthopaedic Surgery Research Fellowship at UAB was based on my desire to strengthen my knowledge of musculoskeletal medicine, establish relationships within the orthopaedic community, and contribute to the field through research at a reputable institution with a high-volume medical center.

Nicholas Andrews

Undergraduate: University of Florida

Medical School: Florida State University College of Medicine

Why I Chose UAB: I chose the research fellowship at UAB to broaden a foundational knowledge in musculoskeletal research, anatomy, and clinical experience. Aside from the countless research opportunities that this program offers, the fellowship encourages exposure to clinical orthopedics through grand rounds and interactions with faculty/residents daily.

Nicholas Andrews

Undergraduate: Harvard College

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Why I Chose UAB: I decided that I wanted to pursue orthopedic surgery later on in my medical school career. Knowing that I needed to gain more experience in the field before applying for residency, UAB’s research fellow program checked all of the boxes.

Nicholas Andrews

Undergraduate: University of Arkansas

Medical School: NYIT College of Medicine

Why I Chose UAB: I chose UAB because of the excellent balance of time in clinic, experience in the operating room, education with resident didactics, and conducting research. I was lucky enough to work alongside many of the residents and faculty as a first-year student.