Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

 Mission Statement:

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is an organized body with the mission to represent and promote faculty members' interests to foster academic and clinical development. It pursues its mission by functioning as advisor/consultant to the Chair and Division Directors for problems related to faculty activity.


FAC is composed of six members representing every division in the Department of Pathology. The members are proposed and elected by each division and serve a 2-year term.


- Identify problems or areas that could be improved in the Pathology Department.

- Survey the faculty for ideas aiming to improve our academic and clinical activities and organize the prioritization of the proposals.

- Advise the Chair and Division Directors on the problems that need to be addressed and recommend optimal solutions for their resolution.

- Advocate new ideas and projects proposed by faculty to the Chair and coordinate their implementation.


- The FAC meets at least once quarterly to coordinate council activity.

- The FAC meets periodically with the Chair and FAC representatives rotate participation at PDG meetings.

- The FAC compiles and distributes proposals for the faculty in exchange for their feedback.

- The FAC collates faculty feedback and delineates proposals which represent the majority interest of faculty. 

- The FAC presents such proposals to the Chair and actively pursues and/or coordinates their implementation.

- All faculty members are encouraged to contact their FAC division representative with problems or proposals.

Accomplished past projects:

- Establishing a Departmental newsletter

- Institution of a faculty seed grant award

- Promoting mentoring activities among faculty and trainees

            Faculty Advisory Council current members:

Pat Bucy Lab Medicine bucy@uab.edu
Moon Nahm Lab Medicine nahm@uab.edu
Shi Wei Anatomic Pathology swei@uab.edu
Andra Frost Anatomic Pathology afrost@uab.edu
Rajeev Samant (Chair) Mollecular and Cellular Pathology rsamant@uab.edu
Xu Feng Mollecular and Cellular Pathology xufeng@uab.edu
Malay Basu Forensics/Neuropathology/Informatics malay@uab.edu

Feel free to contact your divisional representative for more information or to send a proposal.

            Faculty Advisory Council past members:

NameDivisionYears Served
Jill Adamski Lab Medicine 1
Aleodor Andea Anatomic Pathology 2
Peter Anderson Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2
Scott Ballinger Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2
Malay Basu Forensic/Neuropathology/Informatics 1
William Benjamin Lab Medicine 4
Fouad Boctor Lab Medicine 2
Pat Bucy Lab Medicine 7
David Chieng Anatomic Pathology 7
Michael Conner Anatomic Pathology 1
Ralph Crowe Anatomic Pathology 1
Victor Darley Usmar Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2
Patricia DeVilliers Anatomic Pathology 2
Joanne Douglas Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2
Kenneth Fallon Neuropathology/Forensic Pathology 2
Xu Feng Molecular and Cellular Pathology 1
William Grizzle Anatomic Pathology 2
Robin Hatton Anatomic Pathology 2
Zdenek Hel Molecular and Cellular Pathology 1
Richard Hockett Lab Medicine 2
Nirag C. Jhala Anatomic Pathology 2
Audrey Lazenby Anatomic Pathology 8
Robin Lorenz Lab Medicine 2
Marisa Marques Lab Medicine 1
Stephen Moser Lab Medicine 4
Lea Novak Anatomic Pathology 2
Cheryl Palmer Neuropathology/Forensic Pathology 2
Rakesh Patel Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2
Richard Powers Neuropathology/Forensic Pathology 4
Abhik Ray-Chaudhury Neuropathology/Forensic Pathology 1
Andy Robinson Lab Medicine 2
William Rodgers Anatomic Pathology 1
John Shacka Neuropathology 2
Rajeev Samant Molecular and Cellular Pathology 1
Gary Simmons Forensic Pathology 4
Shi Wei Anatomic Pathology 1
Dan Welch Molecular and Cellular Pathology 4
Alan Wells Lab Medicine 1
Wen-Cheng Xiong Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2
Majd Zayzafoon Molecular and Cellular Pathology 2