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Division Director: C. Ryan Miller, M.D., Ph.D.


The Neuropathology Service covers the University of Alabama Medical Center, a tertiary care major medical center. We collaborate with the UAB Department of Neurosurgery and the Division of Neuro-Oncology, and receive cases from the Children’s Hospital of Alabama, the Birmingham VA Medical Center, the UAB Pathology Community Outreach Program, and outside consultations. The Division of Neuropathology processes over 1000 cases per year of which about 70% are accompanied by frozen sections. The Division supports the Autopsy Section by providing weekly brain cutting services for both fixed and fresh (forensic) brains. We are also key participants in the weekly Neuro-Oncology Brain Tumor Conference. The Division of Neuropathology makes extensive use of the UAB Immunohistochemistry Laboratory for IHC stains and the UAB Molecular Pathology Laboratory for Next Generation Sequencing services and other specialty tests. Members of the Division collaborate in clinical research with the Department of Neurology, the Department of Neurosurgery and with the Division of Molecular and Cellular Pathology, and serve as Principal Investigators in areas of fundamental research.

Our Faculty

C. Ryan Miller, MD, PhD, Translational Research Endowed Professor and Division Director, Neuropathology

Shu Chen, MD, Professor, Neuropathology

Richard Powers, MD, Professor, Neuropathology 

Kenneth Fallon, MD, Associate Professor, Neuropathology

Rati Chkheidze, MD, Assistant Professor, Neuropathology

Neda Wick, M.D., Assistant Professor, Neuropathology

Residency/Fellowship Training

Pathology Resident Education at the University of Alabama Medical Center

Pathology and Neurology Residents spend one month in the core Neuropathology rotation. They attend daily case sign-out at the multi-headed microscope, intraoperative consultations (frozen sections) and afternoon teaching sessions. They also attend the weekly Neuro-Oncology Brain Tumor Conference. The Neuropathology Fellow and the Attending Neuropathologist guide their training experience on service. This includes participation in case evaluation and work-up, ordering and interpretation of special stains and molecular studies, appropriate literature consultation or review, and production of cogent reports for clinicians. Neuropathology faculty give daily didactic lectures covering the broad range of topics that comprise the domain of Neuropathology.

Neuropathology Fellowship Program

The Neuropathology Fellowship at UAB is a two-year program, fully accredited by the ACGME for one Fellow per year, eventuating in subspecialty board certification. The program includes experience in all areas of Neuropathology, including intraoperative consultations (frozen sections) as well as appropriate use and interpretation of special stains, immunohistochemistry, and molecular studies including FISH and next generation sequencing. There is also weekly experience in brain cutting and in case presentation at the Neuro-Oncology Brain Tumor Conference.  The fellows also attend conferences and lectures in neuromuscular pathology.  Fellows also have many opportunities to teach Pathology and Neurology Residents and medical students. There are many opportunities for translational or clinical research in the first year, leading to presentation at regional or national meetings such as the Association of American Neuropathologists. In the second (research) year, there are numerous choices for basic, translational or clinical research, either within the Department of Pathology or in other Departments of the UAB Medical Center.

Neuropathology Consultation and Tests

The Neuropathology Team provides comprehensive expert consultative services for brain tumors and other areas of neuropathology with the exception of muscle and nerve pathology, services available through the UAB Department of Neurology. Cases come to the Division from a number of regional hospitals, some of which are associated with the Department’s outreach program, while others are independent pathology groups seeking consultative opinions or diagnostic confirmation for patients referred to UAB for second opinion or definitive therapy. Advanced molecular testing, such as next generation sequencing, is available through the Division of Genomic Diagnostics and Bioinformatics.

Neuropathology Consult Submission Instructions

Please complete the consultation request form, print, and send with the slides or blocks.

Send slides or blocks to:
Department of Pathology
508 20th Street South
HSB 175
Birmingham, AL 35249-6823
Phone: 205-934-2164
Fax: 205-975-7548

Contact Us

C. Ryan Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Division Director
Email: ryanmiller@uabmc.edu

Neuropathology Fellowship information:

Program Coordinator
Telephone: (205) 975-3450; Fax: (205) 975-PATH
E-mail: path-fellowships@uabmc.edu
Website: https://www.uab.edu/medicine/pathology/education/fellowship-program