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We have established two complementary avenues to recruit candidates for our research track:

  1. We will identify candidates during psychiatry residency recruitment prior to entering the residency program. We have created a separate NRMP Program code 1007400C1 for residency candidates who would like to be considered for the research track. Successful candidates typically have already demonstrated an interest in a career as a physician-scientist.

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  2. We will identify candidates in the PGY-I year of their general psychiatry residency training. This avenue will give us an opportunity to identify trainees with a less substantial research experience considering a research-oriented career. Supporting research training among non-PhD psychiatry residents is critical in expanding the pipeline, as only approximately half of the physician-scientist workforce in psychiatry have a dual MD/ PhD degree.

Formal Application in PGY-1

A formal application is typically made in the first year of residency training. However, residents may apply at any point during their training. The application must include:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Statement of interest
  3. Letter of support from the resident’s mentor
  4. An outline of the research project.

Applications will be reviewed by the executive committee, who will give recommendations for acceptance to the research track training director by mid-March. Selection of candidates is based on the candidate’s good standing in the general residency program, their research potential, their research mentor, and the quality of the research statement.

Applicants who are not accepted to the STEPP program will be given the opportunity to meet with a member of the executive committee to discuss how the application can be improved and to be encouraged to resubmit their application throughout the year. Appointments of residents to the research track typically begin on June 24 in the PGY-II year, to coincide with the start of the academic year.